The Savoy Launches New Brand Campaign “You don’t just stay at The Savoy, The Savoy stays with you”

The Savoy has launched a brand campaign celebrating the stories and memories spanning different generations which have been made at this famous landmark hotel.

As The Savoy gears up to celebrate 130-years since opening in August this year, the campaign will showcase the hotel as somewhere people visit to build and maintain new and old friendships and relationships, as well as a place for the creation and the upholding of traditions; where families and friends return decade after decade to celebrate important milestones. On 14th January 2019, The Savoy released a new film depicting a poignant story of memories made at hotel commissioned to mark the beginning of The Savoy Stays with You campaign.

Celebrating not only the traditional family unit, the campaign aims to transcend generational boundaries and celebrate the relationships between young and old, friends and family. It will showcase the hotel at the heart of the community; an epicentre for innovation which welcomes the creation of a new generation of traditions. For some it’s a place for special occasions, for others it is a regular haunt. Successfully maintaining a first-class level of service, guests return to The Savoy knowing that they will be welcomed by the familiarity of colleagues who consistently deliver an unparalleled passion for excellent service.

Many of the colleagues have grown with both the hotel and its guests, sharing with them the special moments which exude The Savoy’s sentiment of ‘coming home’. The campaign highlights the importance of the hotel team and the value that they add to guest experience. As Head Doorman, Tony Cortegaca, who has been with The Savoy for 35 years comments;

“People will sometimes bring me a picture of their child standing beside me at The Savoy years ago and now he’s in front of me all grown up. It’s so special to be a part of people’s history”.

As well as more established colleagues, new faces who join the team recognise the importance of staying true to The Savoy’s history whilst striving to be at the forefront of innovation in their field. The American Bar’s Senior Bartender, Pippa Guy, is a recent addition to the team and the first woman in over 100 years to hold this role. She comments,

“History will always be part of the American Bar, but we use our menu to keep up with contemporary trends and maintain our reputation as one of the world’s best bars”.

The Savoy houses venues that appeal to a range of audiences. Guests can enjoy drinks at either the Beaufort Bar or American Bar, dining at Kaspar’s, and afternoon tea or live evening entertainment in the Thames Foyer. Each venue weaves its story into the tapestry of the hotel’s rich history, particularly the multi-award-winning American bar, holding the title as the longest surviving cocktail bar in London. The American Bar itself is unveiling a new cocktail menu. Launching on Tuesday 2nd April 2019, the eagerly awaited cocktail menu from the world-renowned American Bar at The Savoy will provide a musical soundtrack to its innovative drinks. Paying homage to the legendary musicians and songwriters that have entertained guests in the bar for decades, ‘The Savoy Songbook’ will be a collection of twenty cocktails that have been created with the bar’s most iconic songs in mind. And in an industry first, the menu will be launched with an accompanying live album, recorded by the American Bar’s resident piano player, Jon Nickoll.

From the moment the doors opened in 1889, The Savoy has helped create memories for generations of guests and colleagues. Stolen glances across the dining rooms becoming beautiful weddings in the ballroom. Families gathered together for Afternoon Tea to celebrate special birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. That first kitchen job that led to international gastronomic success. Everyone has their own Savoy story. You don’t just stay at The Savoy, The Savoy stays with you.

Watch the wonderful video and share your own Savoy story here:

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