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Meet Sue McGreggor, International Interior Designer and Founder of Interior Statements

The AUKCC team recently enjoyed catching up with Sue McGreggor from Interior Statements.

Here is what we found out:

Sue started her career in Sydney, Australia, designing offices, showrooms and homes in Sydney and Brisbane. Much of her inspiration came from the Australian bushland; the variances of colour (eucalyptus green, greys, ochres, plums and lavender), the scent of the bush, the birdsong (the kookaburra, magpie and whip-bird) as well as the dramatic nuances
of light on the coast and inland.

After frequent design trips to Europe, Sue moved to London in 1997 looking to be inspired by English/European history and culture,the softness of the light, white-washed Victorian terraces and stunning English countryside.

In the 25 years of her career as an interior designer, she has had the pleasure of collaborating with fine artists, skilled craftsmen and distinctive materials for bespoke/customised design solutions.

Sue’s portfolio includes large country houses, period townhouses, dental practices, an Art deco home, and the architectural and interior development of 7 luxury show apartments presented to ‘turn-key’ fit out.
Subsequent to this, she also began to develop her property portfolio.
Alongside her design career, Sue has also lectured on interior design in Australia and London and guest lecturing in Dubai and Chile.

In 2014, Sue McGregor published her book ‘Boutique Home – 10 Steps to Creating your Boutique Space’ with the desire to share all that she has taught and learned throughout her career. And also created Boutique Home School as a comprehensive online Interiors course based on the 10 steps.

Between 2016 – 2021, McGreggor settled on the shores of Lake Como, to absorb the Italian design culture and lifestyle, where she continued to expand her property portfolio.
After a productive Italian adventure, we are delighted to share that she has returned to the UK and settled back into London life, the culture of exhibitions, theatre and work-related activities.
She is thrilled to be back and enjoy all that this great city has to offer.

Please view Sue McGregor’s work by visiting

You can purchase ‘Boutique Home – 10 Steps to Creating your Boutique Space’ by clicking here.

To contact Sue McGreggor, click here.

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