The global restrictions in response to COVID-19 have impacted businesses in many different ways. While the level of disruption may range from mild to severe depending on the sector and type of business, every organisation is grappling with the challenge of how to maintain operations in a radically different environment.

In our new ‘Member Talks’ series, we check-in with businesses across our network to hear about some of their adaptation strategies during this pandemic. Whether it be a new way to deliver products or services, ideas to help connect and motivate teams, or advice on how to leverage digital platforms, our Members are finding ingenious ways to maintain productivity and minimise disruption during this time.

Click below to hear from Equals Group on how their investments in technology have helped them maintain resilience through this period.

Our ‘Member Talks’ series is created in partnership with Insignis Media. You can connect with Insignis via our Member Directory page here.