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Huckletree Launches Renegade Academy

Huckletree Launches Business Bootcamp

Huckletree has today launched the Renegade Academy, an intensive one-week bootcamp designed to give new founders everything they need to launch their startup in a bear market with user-feedback, a go-to-market strategy and a tailored pitch, ready to raise a seed financing round.

For the first academy class of 2020 Huckletree will be waiving the course fee (valued at £1500), and asking participants to donate whatever amount they are able to, within their financial means at this time. 100% of all course fees will go towards the NHS to support the frontline healthcare workers.

Huckletree believes that learning not only needs to continue as we stay home, but we need to accelerate the will to learn now more than ever. The economy is under pressure, and rather than accept defeat, we are calling for entrepreneurial mindsets and entrepreneurial energy to be the positive silver lining. In fact, we’re banking on it.

Renegade Academy runs 11-15 May 2020.


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