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Member Insight: CyberCX | Risk Management in a Cloud World

CyberCX: Risk Management in a Cloud World

Cloud computing is not simply a technology. It can be a cornerstone of digital transformation and can deliver fundamental changes to how businesses operate.  Speed and agility are clear advantages but managing risk and achieving good governance in a cloud enabled world does require a different mindset.

CyberCX’s Chief Marketing Officer, Shannon Lane, hosts a wide-ranging discussion between Microsoft Australia’s National Security Officer, Mark Anderson and CyberCX’s Director of Security Testing and Assurance, Simon Treadaway.


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About CyberCX

CyberCX, a large scale specialist cyber security services firm, launched its UK and US operations in November 2020, following the recent acquisition of specialist UK cyber firm, CQR. CyberCX has integrated 17 independent cyber security companies across the Five Eyes nations. The Australian headquartered firm has over 600 cyber security professionals and has plans to significantly grow its skilled workforce in the UK and US, delivering end-to-end cyber security services.

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