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Member Insight: Comtest Group: Compliancy Requirements for Electrical Products are Changing

Comtest Group: Compliancy Requirements for Electrical Products are Changing

By Comtest Group

Legislation has been created in Australia and New Zealand (AU/NZ) to ensure that electrical products intended for distribution, sale or use in AU/NZ are compliant with the local requirements and bear the correct identifying marks. For European Manufacturers the use of the CE Mark is not recognised in Australia and New Zealand (AU/NZ) as a mark of compliance. In fact, not even the UK will recognise the CE mark for much longer — UKCA will be the new mark required in the UK.

There are different regulatory schemes that electrical products must comply with:

  • Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) (Australia and New Zealand) Under EESS certain kinds of equipment require a Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). Those that do not require the RCM still must meet Australian and New Zealand electrical safety standards.
  • Australia Communications and Media Authority (Australia only) Under the ACMA, the RCM indicates the product meets the applicable requirements for: Telecommunications + Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) + Radiocommunication + Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) or Human Exposure

How Comtest can help:

We understand this is a complex process for retailers and suppliers, which is why we have provided a few options:

  • Compliance Folder Management – Comtest Group can compile your compliance documentation for you, ensuring you have the correct test reports or certification.
  • We can also act as an Australian representative, registering you as a supplier if necessary and liaising with the appropriate authorities. This eliminates wasted time, added hassle and potential repercussions of having the wrong documentation. You do not have to know what regulatory schemes or exact standards you are testing for. Within our consultation, we can determine the standards the product needs for Australia & NZ, then arrange relevant testing. This saves you time having to arrange for each individual electrical test.  Comtest will provide upfront quotes, and we will only test what you need for your products to be fully compliant.
  • Virtual Compliance Manager – This is our most comprehensive option. We start at the very beginning of a product’s lifecycle, where we review the design of your product to avoid unnecessary production costs.  With an extensive network and breadth of capability, we arrange your testing & certification saving you time and potential duplication of tests. Comtest Group can continue to facilitate your ongoing compliance, investigating product faults, liaising with authorities, and updating your documents if you change your product throughout its lifecycle.


About Comtest Group
Comtest Group provides a compliance management partner on the Australian market for electrical and telecommunications products. We offer localised expertise built over decades assisting brands in their export to Australia. With our in-house test laboratory and a large network of partners, we arrange testing and certification to comply with Australian requirements. Comtest Group ensures clients’ products are compliant throughout the product development process, eliminating the need for staff in Australia with a Virtual Compliance Manager.

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