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Meet Chamber Member Business Events Perth – BE Perth

The Australia-UK Chamber of Commerce is delighted to share more about Chamber member Business Events Perth (BE Perth) – A government-funded convention bureau representing Western Australia.

BE Perth plays an important role through funding and support to attract international conferences, corporate meetings and incentives to Perth and Western Australia. Recently, BE Perth shared some exciting news with the AUKCC Team – they have now appointed Malcolm Farrell-Mitchell, their Senior Business Development Manager, to be based here in London/Dublin to connect with organisations in the United Kingdom and be able to bring an exciting array of events to the people of Perth.

Pictured: Malcolm Farrell-Mitchell Credit: BE Perth

Western Australia’s economy is a powerhouse, actively investing in significant resources in the energy, health, space, defence and agriculture sectors.

Recent research shows that business events contribute millions of dollars to Western Australia’s economy and significantly impacts trade, investment and knowledge exchange that occurs when great minds meet.

With the talented Senior Business Development Manager (UK & Europe) Malcolm Farrell-Mitchell now based in London, BE Perth is better positioned than ever before to connect with companies and associations in the UK and provide them with the support they need to hold their events in Western Australia. Malcolm works closely with clients to understand their needs and helps them navigate the process of planning and executing an event in Western Australia, providing his valuable insights and connections along the way.


Credit: BE Perth Event

Whether you’re looking to hold a large-scale conference, an intimate corporate meeting, or a unique incentive program, Western Australia has everything you need to create an unforgettable experience. From stunning natural landscapes and world-class attractions to state-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled workforce, Western Australia has it all.

Perth – Western Australia

BE Perth is excited to partner with companies and associations in the United Kingdom to create successful events that drive business growth and create lasting connections. Contact Malcolm Farrell-Mitchell at or on LinkedIn today to learn more about how BE Perth can help you bring your event to Western Australia.

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