Doing Business in Australia; an Ecovis Clark Jacobs Insight

The Australian economy has proven to be one of the strongest in the world over recent years and offers many advantages to businesses looking to establish a base in the Asia Pacific Region.

Three decades of economic reform have shaped the Australian economy into one of the strongest and most durable economies in the world today. This strength has allowed Australia, possessed with a natural endowment of tremendous mineral wealth, to withstand the major shocks which have reduced the economic standing of other Western Nations. Major droughts, floods, fires, housing booms, the Asian Financial Crisis, the Global Financial Crisis and the continuing fallout from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis have all been withstood by an economy which is only now starting to show signs of slowing.

This economic ‘miracle’ has occurred due to continuing and expanding trade with China and other Asian Nations, a robust and capital intensive Mining Industry, a relatively affluent and concentrated consumer market, stable political and regulatory environment and highly educated workforce.

For an introduction to Australia and to learn more about the country’s foreign investment, entity structure, and see a taxation and employment overview, you can download the Ecovis Clark Jacob guide to ‘Doing Business in Australia’, below.

Doing Business in Australia Guide

An Ecovis Wingrave Yeats insight. 

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