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Not another blog on cyber security… but what about executive cyber readiness?

by Alan Briggs

With the massive influx of cyber security incidents in the past few months, most of us are drowning in cyber blogs, webinars, seminars, white papers etc.

Which is, of course, all valuable information.

But looking at this vast sea of content you begin to ask: where do I even start?

Well, we have a solution. While I’ve no doubt you’re all already doing some great things in the cyber security space – have you prepared your executive team?

There are a lot of terrific IT providers who can shore up your business for a cyber-attack, but most forget the other tier – preparing your executive team.

There is no better way to discover what you do know (and more importantly don’t know) than running a simulation:

Crisis Shield – Simulation Video

Testing your IT and executive teams in a controlled test environment is far safer than testing them in a real event. If you make sure you are well prepared and ready, that’s a great boon and will help you sleep at night.

If not – better to learn in a test environment.

So far, our realistic cyber simulations with clients in a safe environment has been a real eye opener. The consistent response in the hot debrief is ‘thank goodness that was only a test and not the real thing!’

Cyber is emerging as the most significant threat to businesses today and it isn’t going away.

We offer a complimentary online meeting to discuss your current position and offer advice on the next steps.

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