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Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement in Principle Announced

Australia and the United Kingdom Announce Free Trade Agreement in Principle

London: Tuesday 15th June

Press Release

The Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce welcomed today’s announcement from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the broad terms of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) have been agreed. Both Governments will now move to finalise the text of the agreement in the coming months.

The Australia – United Kingdom Chamber welcomes this announcement as an important landmark in finalising an FTA that will drive a new era of high-quality, inclusive and expanded trade between Australia and the UK. As Britain’s first trade agreement negotiated from scratch following Brexit, this deal reaffirms the productive and trusted relations between our two countries that will serve as the foundation for this growth and trade resilience for both nations.

Our Chamber has been highly engaged with both Governments for several years on the prospect of an Australia – UK FTA and will continue to support both Governments on ensuring that the final deal is one that is comprehensive, accessible and attractive for both Australian and British businesses.

Commenting on the deal, our Chamber CEO Catherine Woo said, “We applaud the speed and commitment which both Governments have demonstrated in negotiating an FTA and celebrate today’s announcement as an important milestone in achieving greater trade between our two markets. As advocates for a final agreement that can be effectively accessed and utilised by as many Australian and British businesses and professionals as possible, we look forward to continuing to engage with both Governments in the weeks and months ahead as the text is finalised.’’

Our UK-based Chamber has been working in partnership with the Australian British Chamber of Commerce in Australia to engage with Government on the development of the FTA on behalf of our business Members.

‘The Australian British Chamber of Commerce is pleased with the achievement of this milestone.  We look forward to continuing our work along with our partners at the Australia United Kingdom Chamber in the UK to advocate to ensure the fine print delivers the ‘gold standard’ agreement our Members expect,’ said their CEO David McCredie.



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