No-Deal Brexit Update: Next Steps for Your Business

Live Webinar:

No-Deal Brexit Update and Next Steps for Your Business

The exit of the UK from the European Union, whether with an agreement or without, has a significant impact on businesses operating in both the UK and the EU.

Although recent political developments are somewhat decreasing chances of a no-deal Brexit, both deal and no-deal Brexit scenarios are still possible, and companies operating in both markets should be preparing accordingly. Not only to ensure that residency rights of their UK nationals currently already in the EU and vice versa are protected, but also to ensure that their business is prepared for the post-Brexit immigration landscape.

Newland Chase understands the challenges that businesses across the EU face. Whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a withdrawal agreement, this 60-minute webinar will equip your company with practical knowledge, up-to-date information, and concrete action steps on the impact of Brexit on:

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