Join us to hear from Michael Blythe, Chief Economist for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, on the current performance and outlook for Australia’s economy including a recap of the Australian budget and Australian sentiment towards Brexit and the UK.

We will also hear from from Gareth Leather, Senior Asia Economist for Capital Economics, on the broader economic outlook for the Asian region including key risks, opportunities and their impact on Australian and the UK.



Michael Blythe, Chief Economist, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Michael Blythe is the Chief Economist for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In this role he is responsible for monitoring, analysing, and forecasting trends in the Australian economy, financial markets and domestic monetary policy. Michael joined the Commonwealth Bank in late 1995. He has an honours degree in economics from the University of Sydney and after graduating in 1982 he spent a total of 13 years in various roles within the Economic Group of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Gareth Leather, Senior Asia Economist
Gareth Leather joined Capital Economics in July 2011 as a member of the emerging Asia team. Gareth has been covering Asian economies for over 10 years, most recently at the Economist Intelligence Unit where he worked for five years as a Senior Economist.
Gareth holds an economics undergraduate degree from Warwick University, and a masters degree in Asian Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies.



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