Innovation Talks | AI in Financial Markets

Innovation Talks | AI in Financial Markets

Over the past decade, as the world has seen a phenomenal growth in the use of technology by banks and traders, the impact on financial markets has been under-acknowledged. Over half of the trades on US financial markets are now made by computers using complex algorithms to decide which assets to buy or sell, a statistic that is reflected in the majority of developed financial markets around the world.

Yet, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on banks more broadly has been slower than expected, with the working definitions of AI ranging from robots that show visitors around banking centres to using AI to replace workers with automatable services.

With a keynote presentation from Lee Fulmer, Head of IB Innovation at UBS, and a panel discussion with speakers from key banks including Westpac Banking Corporation and Macquarie Group, consultancies Catalyst AI and 11:FS, and fintech unicorn Revolut, join us for a breakfast briefing which will explore the opportunities, and limits, of AI in the UK’s biggest economic sector.

Speakers include:

  • Lee Fulmer, Head of IB Innovation, UBS (keynote)
  • Karan Jain, Head of Technology – Europe & Americas, Westpac (moderator)
  • Sarah Kocianski, Principal Research Analyst, 11:FS
  • Giuliano De Rossi, Head of European Quantitative Research, Macquarie Group
  • Raymond Siems, CEO, Catalyst AI
  • Tom Hambrett, Head of Legal, Revolut


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