Past event

IMPACT 2021 SERIES | Green Growth: How Sustainability will Transform Our Economy | 3 March

Thank you to those who joined us for our ‘Impact 2021 Series, Green Growth: How Sustainability will Transform Our Economy' webinar.

During this session we heard about the transformation industry is undertaking to work towards a sustainable economy and low carbon future, including insights from across the travel, infrastructure and financial sectors. Through our audience polling, we also discovered that the majority of participants believe climate action is a high priority for their organisations and many have implemented strategic plans to achieve sustainability outcomes.

A special thank you to our speakers for sharing their fascinating insights:

Read more on this topic in our third and final instalment in our Impact 2021 publication and insight series: 'Greening the Economy' here.

On behalf of the Chamber network, we would like to thank National Australia Bank and the Government of NSW for their support of this webinar.

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