15th - 18th February 2022

Grow (UK/Australia Season) 15-18 February

This event is part of the UK/Australia Season.

The UK/Australia Season is a major new cultural exchange celebrating the diverse and innovative artist communities and cultural sectors of each nation. A collaboration between the British Council and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Season is a vibrant programme spanning theatre, film, visual arts, dance, design, architecture, music, literature, higher education and a public engagement programme.

Designed to strengthen and build cultural connections, the Season theme is “Who Are We Now?” and will reflect on our history, explore our current relationship, and imagine our future together. The Season launched in both countries in September 2021.


Trigger (Bristol, UK) are breaking the boundaries of a traditional R&D with a radical new process that will connect creatives from across the globe.

Connecting artists and academics from Australia, Canada and the UK, GROW will unpack the tangled history and controversy around botany, plant uses and ownership, in an essential and fascinating conversation that will facilitate a reflective, meditative, collaborative act of healing.

Watch as seedling creative concepts take root on our interactive online portal, track the creative process and feed into the ideas you’d like to see blossom into fully formed outdoor projects.

If you’re curious to know how projects like The Hatchling - the world’s first flying puppet in the form of a dragon and PoliNations- an epic city-centre forest garden celebrating colour, beauty and natural diversity grew from concept to reality, this is your chance!

The opportunity to collaborate internationally as part of this programme will feed into Trigger’s ongoing exploration into community-focused place-making practice, as well as its role as an initiator of spectacular mass theatrical public artworks.


About the artist

Trigger are a contemporary company driven to make work in response to major issues, frustrations and divisions of our time. Trigger was founded in 2011 by award winning Artistic Director Angie Bual with the aim of creating experiences that bring intrigue to the everyday.

They are the creators of The Hatchling, an outdoor artwork featuring the worlds largest flying puppet. The Hatchling will lead the Platinum Jubilee Pageant in 2022 outside of Buckingham Palace. Next year Trigger launch a new project of scale with Festival UK and Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Trigger created With You, a ground breaking health tech project currently operating in hospitals across the UK.

Trigger create and produce surprising live and digital events that interrupt daily life, reimagine and revive public spaces, and put audiences at the centre of the action. Trigger’s programme aims to create accessible, inclusive and boundary pushing work which is often sited outdoors and/or digital. Their work is brought to life by a team of cross-disciplinary artists and creatives, often showcasing the creativity of local communities. Trigger is led by Co-Directors Angie Bual and Natalie Adams.




Tue 15 Feb, 15:30pm (EST) / 20:30pm (GMT) / Wed 16 Feb  6:30am (AEST) / 7:30am (AEDT)

Wed 16 Feb, 15:30pm (EST) / 20:30pm (GMT) / Thu 17 Feb 6:30am (AEST) / 7:30am (AEDT)

Thu 17 Feb, 15:30pm (EST) / 20:30pm (GMT) / Fri 18 Feb 6:30am (AEST) / 7:30am (AEDT)


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