Towards a Smarter Customs Border: Technology, Trade and Trust

Towards a Smarter Customs Border: Technology, Trade and Trust

As the UK prepares to leave the EU on 31st January, the pressure is on to establish a trade and customs model for the UK and EU by December 2020 that is as logistically and cost efficient for business as possible. The challenges of building a low-friction border to maintain healthy UK-EU trade are complex and will require a blend of solutions based on technology, trade policy and trust. How will this be achieved? And how can business plan and invest for the future reality of UK-EU trade and customs?

Join us for a discussion on planning for the future of UK-EU customs with our experts including Stephen F Tracey, CEO, CustomsMatters; Senior Vice President Sales EMEA, Microlistics, Gavin Clark; Partnership Manager Ireland, SmartFreight, Gavin Warwick and Associate Director and Global Trade Advisory, Deloitte, Aleks Racic.

Don’t miss what promises to be a compelling conversation with industry peers and decision-makers on the upcoming changes and strategies for UK-EU cross-border trade.

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Stephen F Tracey, CEO, CustomsMatters

Stephen Tracey is the Managing Director of CustomsMatters-Wisetech Global the leading full customs service provider in Ireland and the UK. He has over 25 years’ experience of managing and delivering complex national customs solutions for industry and Government alike.

CustomsMatters was the first full Customs service provider to achieve AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Status in 2009 in Ireland and the UK. Tracey has significant experience in negotiating, managing and implementing simplified procedures for many companies including Amazon, and leading Express operators. Wisetech Global acquired CustomsMatters in 2018.

Tracey has seamlessly navigated significant economic changes throughout his 24 year career in Customsmatters: in particular Year 2000 bug, The introduction of the Euro, the Global Financial Crisis and now Brexit.

Gavin Warwick, Partnership Manager Ireland, SmartFreight

Gavin joined SmartFreight in 2019 after 23 years in the logistics and distribution industry with DPD Ireland, initially as Sales & Marketing Manager and then General Manager.

Gavin has experience in developing, implementing and operating bespoke supply chain solutions for an array of domestic and international businesses across many different sectors.

Gavin Clark, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA, Microlistics

Gavin Clark is the Senior Vice President for Sales and Delivery in the UK & Ireland. He has worked in the Logistics Software industry for over 20 years, with over 12 in WMS.

Working with hundreds of clients from SME to large Blue Chip businesses, he has helped these clients to deliver operational efficiency and provide greater visibility within the four walls of the warehouse, using the best elements of software, hardware and automation.

Aleks Racis, Associate Director, Global Trade Advisory, Deloitte

Aleks is an Associate Director in the GTA team with over 10 years’ experience in industry and practice. Aleks has been working with clients across various industries relating to Brexit planning and the operational and import duties considerations under various Brexit scenarios. Aleks joined Deloitte recently from a premium automotive manufacturer in the UK where he led the Centre of Excellence (COE) for Customs & International Trade Compliance.

Aleks has extensive experience in complex manufacturing supply chains, global strategic planning projects, tariff code determination and management and country of origin and free trade agreement management.

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