An Economic Powerhouse: The Future of ASEAN Trade for the UK and Australia

LIVE WEBINAR | An Economic Powerhouse: The Future of ASEAN Trade for the UK and Australia

Wednesday 10th March 2021

9:00AM – 10:00AM GMT

With 10 member states, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) constitutes the world’s fifth largest economy and third-largest population. Strategically situated geographically and as primary signatories to the landmark CPTPP and RCEP trade agreements, the ASEAN region is a key partner in the trade and economic futures of both the UK and Australia.

Last month, the UK became an official Dialogue Partner of ASEAN and has deepened its work with the region to drive post-COVID economy recovery through building free trade and supply chain links. The UK has also made a high-profile bid to join the CPTPP and stated that ASEAN will be a high priority for their post-Brexit trade and economic strategy. Australia has key insights for the UK on this journey with long-standing ties to the region. As a first ASEAN Dialogue Partner, Australia has agreed multiple bilateral agreements across the region in addition to the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA and CPTPP.

Join this session to hear from our speakers about the economic outlook for ASEAN in the post-COVID recovery era, the lessons that can be learnt from Australia’s economic engagement with ASEAN and future opportunities for British and Australian business in the region

With speakers:

Khoon Goh, Head of Asia Research, ANZ
Julie Heckscher, Deputy High Commissioner, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Sam Myers, HM Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific



Khoon Goh, Head of Asia Research, ANZ

Khoon is the Head of Asia Research for ANZ. He oversees and co-ordinates the Asia economics and strategy research functions in Singapore. His particular area of focus is on Asian macro and currencies. Prior to the pandemic, Khoon actively travelled to market ANZ’s views to investor clients, such as central banks, hedge funds and real money; as well as corporate clients. He now does it virtually from the comfort of his home. He also appears regularly in the media. Khoon has over 20 years of experience working in various economic and strategy roles across both the public and private sectors.

Graduating with a Master of Commerce (Hons) degree majoring in International Economics from the University of Auckland, Khoon was the Manager in charge of the New Zealand Treasury’s Macroeconomic Forecasting Team where he was responsible for producing the official government forecasts that underpin the Budget and key policy decisions. He also served as an Economic Adviser at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.


Julie Heckscher, Deputy High Commissioner, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Prior to taking up the role of Deputy High Commissioner in London, Julie headed the Department’s Southeast Asia Division, and was responsible for Australia’s bilateral relationships with the ten ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste.

Julie Heckscher has previously served as the Department’s Corporate Counsel and on the Department’s Audit and Risk Committee and Aid Governance Board, headed the Americas Division and occupied other legal roles within the Department.

Overseas she has served in senior positions at Australian diplomatic missions in Singapore, Ottawa and Moscow. Before joining the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Julie was a commercial lawyer in private practice. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Law (with Honours) from the University of Tasmania, a Master’s Degree in International Relations and an Executive Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Monash University.


Sam Myers, HM Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific

Sam is responsible for the UK’s trade and investment relationships across the Asia Pacific region, based in Singapore and covering Natalie Black’s maternity leave. He leads a team of over 200 staff working in British Embassies and High Commissions to support UK businesses. He joined the UK’s Department for International Trade in April 2019, where he was Deputy HM Trade Commissioner for Southeast Asia.

Before joining DIT, Sam worked for the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, where he was head of UK Science Policy and Relations. Sam’s Civil Service career began in 2001 as a graduate FastStreamer in the Department for Trade and Industry, where he ran a Minister’s Private Office before becoming the Head of External Relations for the Department. He spent 6 years in Asia with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, boosting science and technology partnerships with Southeast Asia and China. Sam’s structural biology research at Mount Sinai, New York, was published in the journal Science and he has a Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Bath.



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