360° Crisis Management Masterclass for Business

Live Webinar Series:

360° Crisis Management Masterclass for Business

COVID-19 has seen all businesses face the question of how to maintain business operations and staff well-being over a time of acute and potentially prolonged crisis.

Many organisations have triggered business continuity plans and are now assessing whether they are fit for purpose in an environment few predicted. Others are grappling with the immediate crisis with limited time so far to develop a strategic response. No matter where your business is at, all organisations can benefit from upskilling in best-practice crisis management, business continuity and recovery planning.

The Chamber is delighted to welcome Allan Briggs, CEO of Crisis Shield, to provide a 360° masterclass on the tools you need to operate in and survive a crisis like COVID-19 including how to:

  • Assess risk and scenario plan for the short and mid-term;
  • Implement a framework for decision-making under pressure;
  • Coordinate a critical incident response team;
  • Ensure business continuity during the acute first stages of the crisis;
  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Do business in a prolonged period of crisis and ongoing volatility;
  • Work across international operations and stakeholders;

Adapt to the new environment and apply lessons learned.


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